Sunday, January 24, 2010

Relaxation...and go vikes!

This weekend we spent our days just enjoying relaxing. We didn't plan anything except for a date night last night. This was our first weekend since October that we didn't have any plans. It was kind of nice!

Our Saturday morning started off with a bang! We were able to watch the Gophers, we were really excited...until the last 20 seconds when they were behind for the first time in the game and then lost. As my dad said, "it was demoralalizing!" That is definitely something I miss-watching the gophers with my dad, while mom is cleaning like a maniac upstairs, checking on the score every time she heads to the laundry room!

Yesterday I was able to skype with Jenny which was so great! Ben and I also took a drive around Whatcom lake, which is just a few miles from our place. There are some magnificent homes on the water. Ben loves the trees around the lake...he said "this is what the Pacific Northwest looks like!" It was pretty! Then we went to church at Cornwall again and we really liked it. The lead pastor is great. Ben "really" likes the church and the pastor (so do I)! After church we went to a place called Scotty Browns which is next door to our apartments. It is a brand new restaurant. It is a really cool place, but I can't say that I love it. It was just a little to "modern" for me! :)

This morning we went for a run, walked to get groceries and got revved up for the big game. Ben has been nervous since Tuesday!!! We bought some little appetizers to have our own little Vikings party. Our menu consists of cheddar little weinies in crescent rolls, puppy chow, chips and cheese dip and of course...Dr.Pepper! It should be fun, that is if the Vikes win! Ben already warned me that he will be a little depressed if they lose...weird! I love the Vikings...and I WILL be bummed, but I promise I will get over it!
OK, the Vikings are just getting started so we have to go CHEER! We love you and miss you all! Here are a few pictures of our exciting day!
Here is Ben getting pumped up for the game!

"Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others." 1 Corinthinas 10:24

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  1. nate was the SAME way about the game... men!