Friday, May 14, 2010


Hello All! We are enjoying the exact same weather today that you are having! Sunny and 70! We have had beautiful weather the past week, Ben and I have been loving it!

We were even more thankful about the weather because Emily, Mark and Macie visited us last week so they were able to see how beautiful it really can be here! We can't explain how wonderful it was to have them here. It was definitely such a blessing for so many reasons...God is good! We had so much fun playing nertz, going on walks, eating junk food, showing them the sights, playing with Macie and the list could go on and on. If you would ask Emily the best part of her trip she would say "watching HGTV!" No joke! She thought that was unbelievable! So, for that reason alone I am glad we have cable! :)

Here are some pictures I took while they were here!
And let me mention that Macie absolutely LOVED Ben! Ben loved her just as much! :)

I will end with sweet little Macie LaVae!

We are really looking forward to our weekend! Ben is working from home today (he really needed a break from the office) so that we can head down to Seattle for a marriage conference called Weekend to Remember! We are so excited to spend a weekend together in a hotel. The conference should be awesome! Then our friends Luke and Caitlin Hill are going to spend Sunday with us, so that will be awesome again! And in 2 weeks Megan and Chad are coming! Another WOOHOO from the Wetzells in Washington!

We feel so blessed to have such amazing families and friends! Thank you to all of you! We love you and miss you all so incredibly much! And I am so thankful for my amazing husband, who is such a strong man of God!

Here is a verse that God has just put on my heart. It has given me a lot of peace in the last day! It seems so simple, yet I needed that reminder.

"Be still, and know that I am God..." Psalm 46:10