Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Always Something!

Well, it has been a great couple days with some goofiness in between the great parts!

Ben and I had to go to Seattle yesterday to get another rental car...long story. So, we get there and we happened to get the best car ever. KIDDING! We both were dying laughing when we saw our gem of a vehicle. It was a "bright" red Chevy HHR, which looks like an amplified PT Cruiser. And it was not a smooth ride to say the least, but it got us where we needed to go! Then we stopped at Best Buy on the way home to look at computers. We got back in our car and Ben thought he would take a shortcut by going straight out of our parking spot and he ran right over the curb with a few loud bangs and crunches...yikes. Thankfully the HHR was just fine, it must have high tolerance for accidents! When we got home Ben went to work and I decided to walk to the grocery store to get some groceries. I was trying to "go green" so I brought a big bag to carry my groceries in. I ended up getting a few more things than expected, so they packed some things in plastic bags. I was trotting home with my reusable bag and my hood up of my new rain jacket, being very "Bellingham", and I heard a thud, not thinking anything of it I hear another thud and realize my plastic bag had ripped and all my groceries were falling out. I got everything back to our place...a little more wet and tired than when I left!

Our cars came today!!! We were so excited to see a piece of home! I spent the day continuing to organize and move things around. Ben spent his day (as he would say) staring at a computer! When Ben got home from work we went and bought a computer! I get to pick it up tomorrow! We were so excited to get back to our place after making our big purchase, I had a yummy roast in the crock pot! So, Ben was being goofy, acting James Bond like trying to get into our apartment when we both realized that our new key didn't work...we were locked out. Bummer! So we went downstairs and waited in the Bakery for the landlord to bring a new key. We decided to go back up and wait by our door and we both decided to try one more time...and we got it. Oops! Anyways, we got in and enjoyed the yummy roast! Now we are enjoying our new technology!

We hope you are all having a great week! Miss you all! Love you!

"But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God; may they be happy and joyful." Psalm 68:3


  1. Hey Amanda - Thanks for sharing this with us!!!! I literally just laughed out loud at this one. I can just see you going through all this ---straight out of a movie and I love it! haha

    I'm glad to hear the move went well! We'll miss you, but it will be fun to keep in touch through the blog. What a GREAT IDEA!! I love your Bible quotes at the end too - very inspirational :)

    Love you,

  2. You are SO Bellingham - and not even a week in! :) Can't wait until I visit (so what if it's not yet planned -- we know it's going to happen!)

    Glad you have technology at your place -- perhaps we'll figure out Skype one day.

    Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

    All our love,
    Jenny *And B*

  3. you guys (especially you amanda) have always been goof balls! glad the goofiness is following you all the way out west ;o)