Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whitefish, Montana

Happy Tuesday to you all! Ben and I got back yesterday around 6:00 from a road trip to Whitefish, Montana to see our friend Brett and meet his sweet girlfriend Katie. We left Friday morning and headed to Seattle to pick up Kris Pulford...lucky him...he got to ride with Ben and I for one long day in the car! The drive was much longer than expected, it rained almost the entire day which didn't help when we were driving through the different passes. We were so excited once we finally got there, the last 3 hours of the drive seemed to take forever. We got there just in time for the ending of the Opening Ceremonies!

We got up on Saturday morning and Brett had breakfast all ready, he really took care of us! He didn't have very much counter space, so he had to be a chef working on the floor for some of the food! :)

The boys headed towards Big Mountain for a day of skiing and Katie was nice enough to take me snowshoeing up the mountain, since I am NOT a skier as most of you know! :) This was my first time snowshoeing so I was a little nervous but really excited.

Our plan was to head up to the summit of the mountain to eat lunch with the boys, we weren't sure if we were going to make it or not but we were determined.
Katie was such a trooper and let me stop about every 10 minutes for a photo op. :)

I loved how beautiful the trees looked.

I had so much fun snowshoeing with Katie! We made it to the lodge on the summit in one hour and 45 min. The boys made it a few minutes later. I think Ben was a ready for a little break...he took a few tumbles to start his skiing day! But, I know they were still skiing maniacs the rest of the day.

Katie and I got back from snowshoeing before the boys were done. She took me downtown to walk around all the cute little shops. It definitely looked like a Mountain town, I loved it!

On Sunday morning Brett took us sight seeing. It was really cloudy and foggy on Saturday so we were really excited to see the clear skies Sunday morning. We first went to Hungry Horse Dam. It was really neat and of course beautiful (as everything was around there).

Then we headed to Glacier National Park.

This was unbelievably beautiful! We saw gorgeous scenery!

After our day of amazing views, we went to Katie's house for a yummy dinner. The boys enjoyed Elk burgers, while the ladies stuck with regular hamburgers! :)

This is probably getting a little long so I will start ending our weekend for you! We had so much fun! We felt so blessed to spend time with great friends. Brett and Katie were such wonderful hosts and really took care of us! The drive home seemed to go a little faster then the way there. And now it is back to normal...me at home, with Ben at work catching up! Thanks again for staying in touch. We miss you and love you all!

"This is the message you heard from the beginning: We should love one another." 1 John 3:11


  1. Oh my word! Those pics are absolutely beautiful. I felt like I was there : ) Wish I was! Definetely worth the 8 hour drive. SO glad you guys had a great time. Hopefully Benny was too sore after his tumbles. The girls just read the blog with me and loved the pictures also. They always get excited when they see someone they know of the computer. You guys are celebrities to them. Oh, theres AMamanda and Benny Boo...can't you just hear them. skype later...

  2. Wow! Seriously amazing pictures Amanda...I think you need to get into photography...you always have a good angle on the picture :)
    I am glad to hear you snuck out of skiing! I have been able to as well, but I fear I will not be able to come up with any more excuses soon!

  3. GORGEOUS sights amanda and ben!
    i smell a Christmas card/photo for next year ;o)