Friday, February 25, 2011

More Blessings!

Well, we just got back from warm, sunny Florida...I miss it already! We had so much fun! We were so blessed to be able to take this vacation and even more blessed with the weather we had while we were there. It was absolutely perfect every day!

We started out the trip with Brandon and Jenny. They live in Kissimmee, actually as they like to say, they live in Touristville, FL. We didn't believe them until we got there! They are literally 5 miles from Disney "Everything"! We spent time relaxing by their pool, they also took us around town and we ate some amazingly yummy food, but even more delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt!

The one ice cream place we went to was called Pure Magic...and that's exactly what it was! Oh man was it good! You pick all your toppings and then they put nitrogen in it to mix it all together, it was really neat. Ben and I decided that could have been a meal in itself!

Then we headed to Clearwater Beach! The sand was soft and white, ocean beautiful, but cold! We had absolutely nothing on our agenda while we were there, which was exactly what we wanted! Our first day at the beach was really breezy, so we thought the weather was perfect...until we got back to our hotel room 4 hours later and realized the breeze was so nice that we didn't even know how fried we were getting! Oh boy did we pay for it that night! We went out to this awesome Island Grill restaurant, but our conversation was about as dull as could be because all Ben could think about was his entire body feeling on fire, and me, well I felt like my shins, feet and wrists were sitting on burners! But the food was awesome! Needless to say we bought and used an entire bottle of aloe vera that night!

The next day we sat, bodies covered, next to the pool and just enjoyed the warmth and read.

Wednesday was our last day in Clearwater so we were going to spend the morning on the beach then head back to J and B's. When we woke up it was foggy so we decided to try to hit up the Yankees Spring Training Practice, we had no idea what time they practiced, we just knew where the stadium was. We got there and the weather was perfect, but even more perfect was right when we sat down all the players were just coming onto the field! We were so excited! We had so much fun just watching them field and hit! That was probably the highlight of our trip!

We spent our last night with J and B, eating Pei Wei...they let me choose, and eating the best frozen yogurt ever, Menchies! We had SO much fun with them, it was really hard to say goodbye. But like I said earlier, we felt so blessed to even be able to spend a few short days with them!

Another blessing that happened while we were in Florida was Caleb Timothy Thorp was born! What a little sweetie....we love you guys, Chad, Megan and Caleb... Remy too!

The last blessing we want to share is the biggest blessing of all...We are having a baby! We couldn't be more thankful and excited! We are due August 22! I will leave you with this picture...which is already 2 weeks old, but I will put a new one up early next week! God is good!

A few P.S.'s I am now addicted to Karen Kingsbury books and I will put more pictures of our trip up once I get Jenny's pictures! We love you and miss you all!

"Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him." Psalm 127:3


  1. Thank you for posting! I couldn't wait to see the Florida pics and of course I couldn't wait for you to make the big announcement. God is so good and His timing is perfect. Isn't it wonderful to know that the Creator of the Universe is in control of everything in our lives. He knows exactly when we need something and His ways are way better than ours : )Praying for that little miracle growing inside of you. He/She will be praising the Lord in the back of the van with my crazy kids before you know it. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love you guys
    M and Em and the girls

  2. AHHH!!! My favorite picture is DEFINITELY the last one! Seriously, so cute. I can't wait to see the updated one. Thanks for sharing. Give that sweet little babe a little squeeze for me, and make sure you are feeding him/her lots of goodies :) We love and miss you all!

  3. I keep looking at our pictures over and over... what a blessing it was to have you here with us!! Running in Celebration now reminds me of our Sunday morning walk w/ you, Ben and B. What a beautiful vacation!

    I love seeing your growing pictures!!