Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Squash, Avocado and Snow

I had hoped to wait a while longer to introduce solids to Mr.E but he had other plans in mind. I finally took his advice after he drank more than 11 oz. of milk before bedtime one night. If you aren't familiar with babies and their milk intake then I will inform you...that is one big meal!

My doctor(along with a friend) steered me away from rice cereal for a few reasons and guided me towards squash as Eli's first food. Just as I had prayed, Eli will be taking after his dad in the food department! Thank goodness because I was way too picky as a little peep! He loved the squash! We couldn't keep him sitting up. He just stayed bent over the entire meal because he wanted the spoon/food in his mouth the entire time! We are now on to avocado and he seems to love that just as much.
Sorry about the bad pictures, my camera has decided to be a pooper scooper and only work when it wants.

We have had crazy amounts of snow here this week and it is supposed to continue until the weekend. It is so pretty but the roads are terrible when you get this winter weather in the PNW(Cargill term=Pacific Northwest...took me awhile to catch on), because they don't keep up on plowing and they don't salt the same way MN does. Schools are pretty much cancelled all week, along with Eli and I being snowed the entire week!

I took a few pictures of our little sweetie and had to share because he is of course the cutest baby ever! Ha!

Instead of a bible verse I am going to end with a verse from a song I heard today. Emily had me listen to IHOP-International House of Prayer..not the Pancake house, although I am making pancakes tonight! Anywho, back to what I was saying, I can't stop listening to their live worship in the prayer room and this verse filled me today! And if you decide to check it out too then make sure to listen for awhile because you will probably like some leaders more than others!
"I delight to do Your will,
For I know I'm loved by You."


  1. Yay! You had waffle wednesday?! Well, I guess it was pancakes...but close enough :)

    Great pics of Eli. He is so stinkin' handsome!

    Oh! You totally cracked me up on the 'dumb and dumber' comment....I couldn't put my finger on it until you mentioned it. LOL! I will be trying to fix it all tonight!!

  2. Oh, I can just see little Eli scrunched over trying to get at the food. Poor thing, he must be STARVING!

  3. Yesss -- squash and avocado! I have the greatest article on avocado: It's pretty short and sweet :)

    Enjoy your 'snow days!'