Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Few Homemade Things!

I have always enjoyed making things at home but lately I have loved searching out new things to learn and make. Ben doesn't seem to mind either. Although I think I am always much more impressed with myself than he is with me! :)

So here are a few things I have been experimenting with...

Unbelievably YUMMY granola bars. Ben would definitely agree with this one. He said it is the best treat he has ever had and that may be one of the best compliments I have ever gotten from him, because he has enjoyed a lot of amazing homemade treats in his life!!! As you can see they are all gone already!

My first loaf of 100% whole wheat bread, totally from scratch! So amazing right out of the oven! Can you tell I was proud of this one!

Spinach pasta noodles-we haven't tried these yet, hoping for great results!

But the best homemade thing to share with you is something Ben and I made together! ;) P.S. Push the play button...MOM!! :)

Yep, that is our little sweetie at 20 weeks, sucking it's thumb! What a blessing and I still can't get over how crazy technology is!

We are excited to head home this week to see family and celebrate Easter! Have a wonderful Easter everyone! We love you all!
P.S. Jenny, I will put up all the recipes sooner than later! :)

"He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem." Luke 24:46-47


  1. Wow!!!! Forget the recipes, forget the food (for just one moment) -- and check out Baby W!!!! WOW WOW WOW! Isn't God just too amazing for words? Look at your little one!

    Okay, back to the food... DE-lish! Ben is one lucky man (I know he knows this too.) :)

    Love you!

  2. YAY! I love your little one. Only 19 more weeks and we get to meet him/her!!! I really hope my heart can take the suspense :)

    Nice work on the cooking. Would you like to move home and be our live-in chef?

  3. Hard to believe we're halfway to meeting your little one. Can't wait! What a sweetie sucking her thumb!