Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just a quick update from the Wetzells in Washington! Not much new here, just wanted to say hello before the long weekend!

Ben is still busy running. I think all he does is work and run! :)

I am back to work at the Y. I finished out my "summer break" last week by taking on a (much harder than expected) puzzle! I actually was ready to get back to work and be "doing something". Even though I didn't have many free days this summer.

Here are just a few random pictures from the last week.
When I was at home, I went to the apple barn which has amazing amounts of candy. I had to buy these when I saw them. They brought back so many memories from being at my grandma and grandpas. I knew Ben would enjoy them too. My parents and I got a kick out of it when we spotted them. Name that candy...? :) :) :)

There was a HUGE spider creating a web in between 2 trees right by our patio. Have I mentioned how stinking big the spiders are here...ick.

We were watching the Food Network and Ben saw a sandwich he thought looked amazing! It was served from some kind of mobile truck in New York. I only knew the main ingredients, which included mac and cheese, bbq pork, onions and cheese. Interesting, huh?! I couldn't find the recipe, so I did my best and here is the creation! Notice the plates Wetzell family! Chris, we use them every day...hehe! Oh, and the sandwiches were seriously one of the most amazing things we had ever tasted!! Not to toot my horn, it wasn't my recipe, but I think I did a darn good job recreating it!! :)

Ben got a box full of fresh peaches from a guy at work. They were so delicious, we ate them like candy. We wanted to savor some of them, so I made some yummy peach cobbler!

That's it from here! Have a great 3-day weekend! We miss you all so unbelievably much!
"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God." Matthew 5:8


  1. Bummer, guess that candy didn't show up. But I am going to guess.....candy cigarettes???? Am I right : )
    love you

  2. never mind, it showed up just took longer than all the other pictures and yes...I was right!!!!!